New content will be revealed in the run up to the launch of Operation Breakaway.

New Map: Tell

Experience tight urban CQB in a reimagining of an Insurgency 2014 classic. Tell ramps up the intensity of Sandstorm's signature hardcore combat by squeezing everyone together while still allowing for diverse navigation routes down everything from narrow corridors to lengthy streets.

Two New Weapons

To help you in those close quarters, we'll be giving Rifleman, Demolitions, Commander, and Observer classes two smaller profile bullpup style assault rifles: the FAMAS F1 for Insurgents and AUG A3 for Security. The FAMAS F1 sports a high rate of fire and smaller magazine, while the AUG A3 features controllable recoil with a slower fire rate.

New Co-op Mode: Outpost

Hold fast against waves of enemies. Start with low supply points and gain more each wave. If your team dies, or you can’t hold the line, you’ll retreat to the next objective area. But remember, you can only retreat so far.

New Weapon Attachments

Both factions will have access to new underbarrel upgrades. Use one of three new foregrips to improve weapon handling with faster aiming, faster reloading, or faster weapon switching. If that's not your speed, take a less subtle approach with one of three new underbarrel shotguns: the Masterkey, M26 MASS, or an improvised 40mm Buckshot Launcher.

Free Cosmetics

In Breakaway, a coup d'etat is underway. Some security forces have defected to the insurgents. Internal affairs officers have embedded with the Security to gather evidence, build a case, and track down these rogue elements, which include both local and federal police teams fighting alongside the Insurgents.

DLC Cosmetic Packs

Security responded to the coup's rampant urban fighting by issuing chainmail to its police forces for protection against bladed weapons in close quarters, and netted facial coverings for its officers' anonymity. Meanwhile, special operations units, ironically trained and equipped by security forces, have left the Security and joined the Insurgents. Though their menacing skull masks were regarded by their advisors as tactically dubious, these ex-soldiers have training and combat expertise welcome in the insurgency.

Breakaway Trailer

Sandstorm's Designer, Michael Tsarouhas shows Operation: Breakaway in action.

Operation: Breakaway is available now!